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Richmond Families

The idea behind this page is to provide a little info on everyone, and in particular on how they fit in among their families and friends.  I'll add households as I play them so that eventually everyone should be here.  The links will take you off this blog and onto my behind-the-scenes blog - use the 'Richmond Families" tab below the header to get back here.

Notes: (a) = adopted.  On the individual pages, names in italics are deceased.

Richmond Family Tree

A little info about the family tree

The Founding Family  

Richmond started out as Pleasantview, until I moved in a CAS family who completely took over the story....

Current Families

Kevin, Heather, Thomas, Alana, David, Isaac, Shannon

Carl, April, Danni, Pauline, Conner, Claire

Remus, Kyla, Cole, Krysti, Brandon, Liam

James, Marla, Jamie, Meadow Thayer, Harrison Thayer Centowski

Kyle and Willow; Georgia and Garrett Newson

Alex, Jane, Christopher, Janie, Kimberly, Jacob, Kathryn, Orlando

Helen, Julian, Charlie

Leo, Helen, Jack, Lizzie Bonacorrd

Dreamer Family - Richmond
Cameron, Alicia, Lucas, Nathan

Gold Family - Redwood City
Richard, Grace

Cory, Rose, Melissa, Corinne, Noah, Emily

Aaron, Mari, Riley, Joel, Marina, Jody

Chris, Marsha, Christine, Anna, Jessica

Jamie, Elle, Daniel

Ben, Florence. Whitney Leive

Jay, Autumn

Larson/Cooke Family
Juliana, Jason

Phoenix Family - Richmond
Jimmy and Allie

Pitts Family - Richmond
Ashley and Allyn

Roseland Family - Richmond
Cyd, Susan, Oliver

Ivy Pitts, Allan Gold, NIcky Phoenix, Julie Beckett, Angel Go, Joshua Pitts and Lora Toyanaga

SSU - Golden Sussex Dorm

Amaya London, Lewis Gold, Marie Centowski, Matthew Langerak, Sam Green

Thomason/Go Family - Redwood City
Vivian, Tosha

Tarro Family - Richmond
Danny, Candice, Anna, Belle, Clare, Ellen

Talin, Cherry