July 2027

Cyd Roseland is 31; Susan Roseland is 37; Oliver is 3.
Danni Bertino is 17; Pauline Bertino is 16; Kevin Waters is 17; Dennis Waters is 16.

Looking for a Happy Ending Part Eight

July 2027

Rose Green is 37; Cory Green is 50; Melissa Green and Thomas Beare are 17; 
Kyle Centowski is 59; Willow Centowski is 58
Samantha Bradshaw is 27 

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On Track

July 2027

Alicia and Cameron Dreamer are 35; Lucas is 6; Nathan is 2
Ashley Pitts is 69; Allyn Pitts is 64

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Not an update, but...

I haven't forgotten the blog again! The lead-up to the holidays has been unusually hectic this year, and I just haven't had time for it. I might have been able to pull together a gameplay-based update, but I can't fit one in right now, if the story is to happen the way I want.

My next update will be a storytelling-heavy and picture-heavy one with multiple locations. It's one I've had in my mind in one form or another for ages, so I want to get it right. And it has to happen now, as other events depend on it, and they need to happen at certain times this sim year (before a character goes to college, for example, or during the sim-summer, or whatever). It's the worst update to come to right now.

The good news is that I have almost two weeks off work over the holidays. So it will happen soon. I'll leave this post up until the update comes. In the meantime, I wish everyone here Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. See you soon!

Close to Perfect

Danny Tarro is 22; Candice Tarro is 21; Anna is 12; Belle is 8;  Ellen and Clare are 4

June 2027